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Miriams Coffee & Deli

One of the best coffees in Hanoi. We are passionate about our coffee and leave no room for compromise. Our coffee varieties are the best from Vietnam and many countries all over the world. Our coffee has its own unique story, and its own unique taste which will change the way you think about every other cup of coffee you have tasted. It is our delight to take an intentional moment with you.
7X2A3714_1 Miriam’s vision is to make a positive contribution to the community around us. We believe that it is our responsibility to be good stewards to our people and the environment. We also help those most in need. To reflect this vision, part of the profits every year is given to the neediest right here in Vietnam: orphans, elders, sick and handicapped.

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Jonathan Smith

Head Chef

Jenny Humphrey

Head Chef


Franklin Gomez

Head Chef